VoIP for phone calls is replacing the traditional telephony we have known for the last 100+ years.

Our VoIP service is available on any broadband connection capable of supporting standard VoIP calls. In practice,  this means you should have an ADSL2 or ADSL 2+ connection.

We supply VoIP to businesses and home customers. The VoIP we offer is a true telephone service. You receive a phone number from us and you can call any number, and any number can call you. The only exceptions on calls is that we do not allows calls to premium numbers, i.e. the phones lines that charge up to $10  per min.

You can even bring your phone number with you!

Our VoIP plans start from just $9.95/mth, with untimed local and national calls costing just 12c.

For business customers, you can do away with your phone system and use our cloud-based PBX or keep your system and convert the PSTN or ISDN lines to VoIP.

We did away with our own Telstra lines, except for the lines needed for ADSL, and we have been using VoIP ourselves for over 12 months. When you call us now or we call you, it uses our VoIP service.

BTW, we supply one bill with Internet and VoIP charges on the one bill.

We are very confident you’ll like our VoIP. It is a carrier grade service ideal for businesses and homes alike.

We are so confident about our service that if after 30 days you no longer want the service, all you need to do is ask us to cancel the service, return any equipment we supplied and its packaging, and we will cheerfully refund the line rental and equipment cost. Note that all calls made do need to paid for and shipping costs are not refundable.

Give us a call to find out more.