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Hello Aspire and Funnelweb Internet customers, welcome to Aardvark Internet

UPDATE 17 Jan 2013: All email is now coming through our servers. Please read our post for important information and call us if you have any issues. 

As explained in Tim’s email to you late last year, we are now providing you with Internet access and email services.

Our billing system has already sent your bills and receipts via email. We have you on the same plan as Tim had so there will be no changes in the bills, however please just call us if you believe there is an error in the bill.

The first bills have already been sent to you. In some cases the outstanding balance may not be correct so please call us if you believe there is a mistake and we’ll fix it. Payment options are listed on the invoices including our bank account and address.

In case you’ve been wondering, here are some answers to questions we’re often asked:

Who are you?  Noel and Rod. We run a couple of internet businesses in Melbourne and provide IT support for some local businesses. We’ve been operating as an ISP for over 10 year now and while we are based in Melbourne, we are still only a phone call or email away.

What is your website?

How do we contact you? Phone us on (03) 9001 8555 or 1300 760 896  or   email us:

Can I see how much time/data I’ve used? Yes. From our website click on the link called ‘members’. This access also shows your account balance and previous bills. Use your email address and email password to access this area. If you cannot login, please call or email us.

How do we now pay you? Our preferred method is auto debiting of your credit card. We also accept cheques, money orders, and direct payments into our bank account. If you were paying via Credit card, these details have been carried over to us and will be used to pay your bills.

Will my email address change?  No. We are changing the email across to our servers so emails you keep on Tim’s servers will no longer be reachable later this month.

We hope to make the transfer seamless for you however if you use webmail and need to access mail on Tim’s servers during this changeover period, please use this link:


Can you stop spam?  Yes. Our emailing system stops over 90% of all email as spam.

Do you ever send us emails asking for account details and passwords? NO! Any email purporting to be from us asking for account details/date of birth/passwords is fake and should be deleted without replying.

What else do you do? We also offer web hosting, NBN and VoIP services. Email us if you want details.

Aardvark Internet

Tel:1300 760 896

Tel2: (03) 9001 8555