One Bill – Internet and VoIP

After some serious development effort we now provide Internet access and VoIP charges on one bill.

Want cheap VoIP calls and the convenience of one bill?  – well we have it.

When you have an ADSL2/2+ Internet connection, you can move to the cheapest line rental plan with Telstra Homeline Budget and get VoIP with us. You can keep your traditional land line number to receive calls and you can make and receive calls using your VoIP service. This way you will be able to take advantage of our very competitive VoIP call rates and have the convenience of two phone numbers.

Ask us about our VoIP and how it can save you money on phone calls.

Not only does our VoIP have good rates, it is a quality carrier grade service and ideal for business use. We guarantee it.

We are so confident about our service that if after 30 days you no longer want the service, all you need to do is ask us to cancel the service, return any equipment we supplied and its packaging, and we will cheerfully refund the line rental and equipment cost. Note that all calls made do need to paid for and shipping costs are not refundable.